Hello, my name is Valentina

From Siberia with Love

My journey begins in Eastern Siberia. Born near by a magical lake Baikal I grew up a very outdoorsy kid.
Being outside in nature playing with dirt and wild animals, hiking in Siberian Taiga forest and picking wild berries, eating fresh produce from my grandma garden - my childhood was a dream that every kid could imagine.
Eventually my family moved to Moscow where I went to high school and attended 2 years of university.


I was discovered in Moscow subway when I was 18 years old. The next two years I spent in Japan modeling and traveling around.

After gaining a modeling experience in Japan I decided to go to New York with a hopes of establishing an international career.

New York was tough, alluring, glamourous and exciting. Working really hard and believing in myself I made my dreams come true.

In my first year in New York I shot ad campaigns for Calvin Klein and Balenciaga. In the following year I signed an exclusive 11 year contract with Ralph Lauren. I appeared on a multiple covers and editorials for Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, ELLE, Marie Clair, Glamour, Interview, W and many others.

On healthy living

Working in a fashion industry where everyone judging you by the way you look I became very self-conscious about being “perfect”. I was starving and depriving myself, counting calories and eating only carrots. I was tired of this way of living, and I knew that there must be another way.

One day I came across a book about raw food. I read it overnight. Everything made sense to me. The next day, I bought a juicer and a blender. I started making green smoothies, almond milk and vegetable juices. I discovered raw chocolate, amazing spirulina and chlorella. I switched my skin and body care to all-natural products. I cleansed and detoxed my body. I took my first yoga class and started to meditate daily, waking up at 5 am. 

I was able to enjoy delicious food and not to worry about gaining or loosing weight.

Certified health coach

Passion for a healthy living led me to enroll in online nutrition program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. In 2015 I graduated IIN and became a certified health coach.

What I’m doing now

I recently became a wellness columnist for ELLE Russia. My monthly wellness articles appear on the pages of ELLE Russia as well as beauty videos on ELLE’s YouTube channel.

I currently live in New York . I spend my time modeling, writing wellness articles for my blog and magazines, giving interviews on the topics of beauty, wellness and health.

I recently finished an online course at The Herbal Academy where I’ve learned all about herbs and it’s medicinal qualities. One of my favorite hobbies is to create a homemade herbal teas.

I’m truly excited about all things wellness and if you are passionate about natural, healthy and holistic living feel free to contact me for an awesome collaborations.






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