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My current favorite skin care products

My current favorite skin care products

Hello beauties! I hope everyone is shining bright as you should be:) It’s been awhile since my last skin care post, so I thought I update you on my current favorites. I really hope you enjoy exploring this post and please leave a comments below. I’d love to hear from you ;)


I usually own at least 2 cleansers for different purposes. One cleanser is a mild vision and the other one is more thorough cleanser. The mild cleanser is when you are staying at home all day, so your face is not exposed to an outside pollution, sun, dust and toxins. In this case you only need a light face wash before you are going to bed. I really enjoy this mild cleanser by Josh Rosebrook.

The days when I wear make up and sunscreen I like to use a cleaning oil-balm Charcoal Makeup Melter by Boscia

Face Mist

This step in skin care is very important. Usually it involves some kind of toner application. It helps to prep the skin for the next step of your skincare routine. I’ve tried so many different toners but I found most of them very irritating for my skin. Instead of bringing my skin into balance most of the toners leave my face red, irritated or simply feeling sticky. Until I found Rosewater by Heritage Store! I really like how it feels on my skin - very light, hydrating and it smells amazing. Now my face is ready for the next step.

Face oil

I’m a big fan of high quality oils for skin and hair care. I’d say oils are my biggest secret weapon when it comes to taking care of my skin. I believe there are ways to save money on cleanser, moisturizer or a face toner but when it comes to oils make sure you are purchasing a high quality, cold pressed, fresh, organic oils because you are Goddess (or God:) and you deserve the best.

I switch my oils around so my skin gets the best of all the verities that nature has to offer. I feel like oils are truly feeding my skin, the trick is not to over do it. You only need 1-2 drops for an entire face and remember to always apply oils on a slightly damp face, never on a completely dry face.

I love this Wild Carrot Serum Concentrate by Odacite and Face Oil by La Creme Beaute. Both are amazing products.


I think serums are fun to use once in a while. Lately I’ve been using Hyaluronic Sea Serum by Osea. I apply serum right after toner and before moisturizer.


I try to use as natural as possible when it comes to my skin because everything you put on your skin gets absorbed by your body meaning it goes right into your blood and organs. This is why is important to be as conscious as possible when you taking care of yourSelf. So, my moisturizer is very natural - Glow by La Creme Beaute. And because its natural and contains organic oils you only need a little bit for an entire face.

Face tool - gemstone roller

This gemstone roller is such a fun little tool to have! Its made of a real jade. Its a stone that naturally stays chill, so when you use it on your face it de-puffes , move lymph and brings blood and oxygen to your skin. I use it as a very last step in my skin care routine just to sort of “fix” all the products that are on my face.

Lip balm

I’ve been using this natural lip balm for a long time now. There are a lot of natural options out there but I found this brand is one of the best - Cocoa Lip Balm by Badger.

Cleansing stripes for blocked pores

I’ve been using this product for an over 10 years now! Truly remarkable thing when it comes to removing blocked pores and black heads on a T-zone. It really works and you can literally see it - Biore stripes

Face and body oils

Face and body oils